About Marius at MClinic

Acupuncture, Tai Chi
After studying in CNM ( College of Naturophatic Medicine ) Marius graduated as Acupuncturist and Naturopath and practices in Dublin.Since then he is constantly developing his skills in acupuncture with such a masters in the field as Daoist Master Jeffrey C.Yuen and Master Tehfu Tan.
Marius is a registered member of the Acupuncture Foundation Professional Association(AFPA ), the oldest and largest professional body for practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Ireland, and of the European Traditional Chinese Medicine Association(ETCMA). As such, he is bound by a Code of Ethics and Practice strictly enforced by both organisations.
Life-long interest and practice of meditation and martial arts have led him to deeper studies of Qi Gong and Tai Chi. He has been studying Taichi and Qigong with diffferent masters:
Master Deng (Yang style, Tuina and Qigong)
Master Sam Sun (Xinyi and Chen style and Qigong)
Chen Xiaowang (Chen Style and Qigong)
Yang Jwing -Ming (Yang style and Chin Na)
Wong Kiew Kit (Qigong)
Bruce Kumar Frantzis ( Xinyi, Yang style and Qigong)
Kam Chuen Lam (Qigong)
Chen Zhonghua (Chen style).
Daoist Master Hu ( Qigong and Meditation)
Consequently he has gained an instructor certificate and teaching Taichi and Qigong regularly since 2003. He is teaching adults classes and teenagers during their transition year in school.
He has been interested in spirituality since his teenagers years. For the past 19 years meditation is a part of his daily life.He studied Taoism meditation of imortality and is a Mahayana Buddhism practiotioner(Dzogchen and Kalacakra).