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Tai Chi-Qigong at MClinic

What is Tai Chi?

According to legend, Tai Chi Chuan was originally created by Zhang Sanfeng, a Taoist monk who incorporated the principle of 'Yin and Yang' from Tao philosophy into earlier Chinese wushu (martial art). Literally translated, Tai Chi Chuan means 'supreme ultimate fist'
These days we call Chinese internal martial art Tai Chi Chuan as Taichi which uses internal energy (Qi) for good health, self-development and self-defence. To help realise the famous soft power of internal energy, the initial training concentrates on slow, relaxed and flowing movements. This makes it adaptable to many levels of health and fitness. Tai Chi has become regarded as one of most effective ways to strengthen mind, body and spirit for young and old people.
Tai-Chi Chuan forms and routines are like moving meditation allowing practitioners to increase their awarenes of the body and well being.

What Taichi can do for me?

Tai Chi is known as a stress-relieving way of physical exercise which leads to harmonious mind, body and spirit,helps to rebuild mental and physical strength.For busy people with the daily pressures of work and home a regular taichi practice helps to get rid of stress, find a balance and energy to enjoy the moment and relax within. Studies have found that even moderate amounts of Tai Chi practice can reduce blood pressure, increase bone density, increase strength and range of motion in joints, strenghten immunity, improve many muscle/joint disorders, aid recovery from injury and relieve stress. At more advanced levels the training can be quite demanding and, if you want, martial. As a practical system which uses Qi flow in within the body Taichi is of interest from practitioners of many disciplines who seek a deeper understanding of their own arts.
We as a humans are very complex beings and we need some sort of exercise for our bodies and minds,in order to keep it all in tact and harmonious.In our time STRESS and SEDENTERY LIFE STYLE can cause alot of our problems related to health as physical so is mental.Practice of Taichi can help with these two problems very well.It has physical exercise in it and spiritual as well,we can call it meditative movement or exercise,so by practicing it we get it all.
What is Qi Gong?

Qi Gong is a Chinese method of working with energy. Qi means energy and Gong means skill. Together, Qi Gong is the skill of working with vital energy . In Qi Gong we are moving the Qi conciously throughout the body in order to restore balance.
What is very important to mention here is an element of concious movement of energy in within the body,most of the people missing this point.Energy moves in us anyway,if it would stop, we would be dead, but we are not aware of it, so it is like doesn t exist for us if we are not aware of it.Most of us are not even aware of our breath,we take it for granted, as it something what happens automatically.Some people don't believe in Qi or energy existence, so, for them Qigong is an imposible task, how we can work with something non existant for us in the first place?
Of course, you can ask then, is this Qi or Qigong a matter of belief?The answer is yes and no:).Until we get an actual experience of it true consistant practice of Qigong or meditation,is a matter of belief to us, but once a practitioner experiences it, it becomes an actual experience and no need for belief anymore.Until then we should take it as a working theory,idea and practice until actual experience takes place.
What is the difference between Tai Chi and Qi Gong?

A lot of people would ask this question.Actualy,Taichi or Taichiquan is a type of Qigong itself.
If you do Taichi right way, you are doing Qigong at the same time.
There are three main types of Qigong:
Qigong can be classified by many factors.According to movement it can be classified as static, dynamic or a combination of both.
Static qigong – where the body is kept still. It can be done while standing, sitting or lying .In either position practitioner would keep mind focus on chosen object. Examples of this practice would be a different types of meditation.
Dynamic qigong - involves physical exercise movements, with awareness of breathing and mind control. In essence is the same meditation done while moving. Well known examples of dynamic qigong would be "The Eight Pieces of Silk Brocade", "Five animals frolics", "Tai Chi", and etc
The intention of individual and the way of practice determines what type of Qigong you are doing.

Benefit of practicing Qigong
What will be the benefit of doing qigong? Lots of research had been done on qigong, below are benefit of doing qigong from practitioners who would be doing one or the other forms of it:
Increased memory capacity
Free from back pain
Weight Loss
Increased focus and concentration
Calm and relaxed mind
Improved muscles flexibility
Reduced joints pain
More energy
There are a lot more of the benefits comes with a regular practice.